Why can fish make music? Are they intelligent? Do they hear what we hear? How does sound in water behave differently from sound on land? What is the neurology of music perception? How does one go about teaching a fish to be musical? How does Smart Small Fry's pioneering musical instrument for fish, Piscician™, work? These questions and more are examined in Sounds Fishy, a program exploring the science behind fish music. Sounds Fishy is the perfect companion to a performance by our "humans plus trained fish" music band, Neptune's Keep. Neptune's Keep showcases the art of fish musicianship; Sounds Fishy delves into the science. Together, these presentations give audiences a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the animal brain and a sense of wonder at the musical beauty created by a seemingly simple creature, the goldfish.

     Sounds Fishy can be tailored to your audience. Program length can be as short as 15-30 minutes for a quick overview, an hour lecture with graphics and video for a more extensive look, or a two-hour in-depth, hands-on workshop for professionals or other knowledge-loving audiences. Pricing is determined by program length.

     Book a Sounds Fishy program along with a Neptune's Keep concert and get Sounds Fishy for half price!

     Sounds Fishy is taught by Diane Rains, a vocalists/instrumentalist with Neptune's Keep, and an animal behavior/training specialist. Diane Rains holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Wildlife Managment with an animal behavior focus, and most of a PhD in Veterinary Physiology. She has trained dogs for the entertainment industry and is a former zookeeper and raptor rehabilitation assistant. Diane's pioneering work in fish training has shattered misconceptions about piscine intelligence. Diane studied the science of operant conditioning (positive reinforcement) with Bob Bailey, the world's foremost authority in that field.

     Let Neptune's Keep entertain your venue's patrons with beautiful, inspired music from the water. And then let Sounds Fishy educate that audience about the science within nature's artistry!

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