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  Smart Small Fry partners with Freshwater Pearls Puppetry to present magical, unique, unforgettable entertainment to a variety of venues aross the United States. We combine masterful puppetry with amazing live animal performance. No other troupe in the world features trained live fish (via digital video) in theatrical productions. No other troupe in the world backs up puppet theater with the behavioral science of operant conditioning.

     Our program of short films:

  • Fish Have Hidden Depths ~ A selection of films featuring trained fish can be brought to any venue and presented on a large screen along with a live talk about fish training. Visit our YouTube channel to view dozens of available short fish films. (We regularly release new films, too.) Available NOW for booking      
Jor Jor's world

       Our musical theatre pieces:

  • The Fish Who Changed The World ~ A tribute to Jor Jor, World's Most Musical Fish. Jor Jor was Smart Small Fry's first fish musician. During her brief life, she catapulted to fame as the story of her talent was picked up and reported by news agencies around the world. She performed live on BBC Radio and was featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not 2010 yearbook. The Fish Who Changed The World includes live narration in verse paired with digital video and slides. Live music is provided by Neptune's Keep. Available for Booking Fall 2013
Our our unique and melodious "humans plus fish musicians" band,
Neptune's Keep
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       Our feature length films:

  • If Wishes Were Fishes, They Would Dance ~ An exploration of the musical dance ability of goldfish and seahorses. Several short-story vignettes with puppets and live, trained fish (via video). Estimated booking availability Spring 2014

  • The Water Horse of Skibbereen ~ A compelling Celtic myth dramatized with shadow puppets and trained live seahorses (via digital video). Estimated booking availability Spring 2015

      Our live performance shows (puppets with live fish actors via video):

  • The Ugly Guppy ~ Shadow puppets and trained live goldfish (via digital video). Estimated booking availability Summer 2014



   Want to teach a fish to dance, move to a target, swim through hoops, or play music? Want to understand the science behind fish musicality? Smart Small Fry offers fish training instruction and for everyone from the home hobbyist to professional aquaculturists. With presentations on a variety of topics, we can tailor a lecture or demonstration to your needs. We can skim the surface, focusing on practical application, or delve deeply into the science behind fish training. Some sample topics:

  • Sounds Fishy - How do fish perceive music? What do they hear? Why can they make music? This program presents science-based answers to these intriguing questions and others.
  • Fish Tricks - easy fish training for school age trainers
  • Clever Koi - koi enrichment and public performance
  • Get In Condition - principles and techniques of operant conditioning applied to managment of aquarium and zoo aquatic collections
  • If I Were A Rich Fish - Enrichment activities for aquarium fish



   Our professional consulting services can help you tailor a fish training program for your zoo collection, public aquarium display, or koi pond. Perhaps you'd like to separate a specific fish for feeding or veterinary procedures. Maybe a certain display in your collection needs the public appeal of an aquarium fish performance. Your fish might be listless and in need of stimulation. Or you might just desire the effective learning that a one on one consulting session can provide. From a one hour consult to multi-day residencies, Smart Small Fry can be there to help you learn to manipulate fish behavior for the betterment of your animals, your staff, and your public.


   Your goal is to give visitors to your venue a memorable close encounter with the animals in your care. Imagine the excitement your aquatic exhibit viewers will feel when they witness your fish composing and performing music! Smart Small Fry can help you achieve this with our unprecedented musical instrument designed specifically for fish: PiscicianSM. We can provide you with detailed plans for a PiscicianSM installation at your venue, or we can install PiscicianSM for you. Your clientele are certain to be amazed and mesmerized!





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