Welcome! Smart Small Fry is dedicated to one simple truth: fish have hidden depths! They are not mindless aquarium decorations, but intelligent, complex, and even artistically talented creatures. Smart Small Fry nurtures innate piscine abilities through environmental stimulation and training. We then present entertaining public programs, films, and theatrical performances featuring our talented aqua stars. Many of these are created in collaboration with Freshwater Pearls Puppetry, combining the best of puppet theatre and fish performance. The Jor Jor Music Academy for Goldfish, the musical arm (er, fin) of Smart Small Fry, provides music education for fish, many of whom have suprising musical ability. JJMAG teaches fish to play various musical instruments, then creates music videos and CDs featuring both fish and human musicians.

       At Smart Small Fry we use the reward-based, positive reinforcement methods of Operant Conditioning to teach our fish athletes, circus performers, musicians, and actors. The animals participate because their cooperation earns them tasty food rewards; no punishment or coercion is used. Animals trained in this way are happier, better adjusted, and ultimately smarter as a result of their education. Our goals are:

1) to raise public awareness of pet fishes' need for mental stimulation,

2) to help public aquariums, zoos, and other institutions provide enrichment for their aquatic species, and

3) to present professional, unforgettable entertainment to venues of all kinds nationwide.



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